Am I correct in making the claim that all people are created equally? That every person deserves to be loved? That aid should not be withheld from people in need due to their nationality? So why is it then, that these same principles do not apply to our pets?

Recently I have noticed a split between animal rescuers and it is one which I really do not understand. I have fostered dogs and cats who were born right here in my own community, even going so far as to adopt two kittens from a nearby feral colony. But I have also offered care to animals from a neighbouring province and even given aid to ‘foreign’ dogs from a neighbouring country (gasp!) But can you believe I’ve actually run up against opposition to this? That’s right, I have been criticized by fellow ‘animal lovers’ for not focussing ‘locally’. What does that even mean anyway?

My question to those opposed to my global approach to animal rescue is, why? Why is a ‘British Columbian dog’ worth more than an ‘Albertan dog’ and why is an ‘Albertan dog’ worth more than an ‘American dog’ or the ‘American’ one worth more than a ‘Mexican’ one? Does this rub anyone else the wrong way? And where then, is the ‘local’ boundary? Where am I supposed to ‘draw the line’?

The way I see it is, if I have the means to help a cat or dog at a particular time, I will not turn it down. My home will not remain empty until a ‘local’ animal needs me. All pets deserve a loving stable home, no matter where they are born! Why would anyone else choose to make this distinction?

Two cute kittens, one is 'local' one is not.

One of these kittens was surrendered ‘locally’ one was from another province. Both were found outside at the onset of winter. Which would you leave out in the cold?